Do I Really Need Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Tune Up

Regular air conditioner maintenance tune up will exponentially extend the life of your cooling system. An ignored air conditioner is known to lose its efficiency by approximately 5% every year. This means that the brand new unit you bought to keep your house cool in Iowa’s heat may soon start costing you extra money and may break down completely. A regular ac tune-up and maintenance can prevent this. Tune-ups are required for air conditioners, not just recommended.

Got Filters in Waukee?

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Waukee Tune up

Filters are used to clean the air going into your air conditioner. This means that dirt may block usual airflow amount which will reduce the system’s effectiveness. If the airflow is limited or blocked, the air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt into the evaporator and damage the heat-absorbing process.

To avoid these problems you should not allow the filters to go unchecked. If a problem is detected, replacing the blocked filters with a new one quickly will correct and lower the energy used by the unit.

Some of the filter you use can be reused but others must be replaced. It is a good idea to understand the kind of filter you are using to avoid using a lot of money when a simpler way can work.

To ensure that the work is performed correctly, you can call the tune-up/maintenance work experts such as Dorrian Heating and Cooling who can easily check the kind of air conditioner you are using and take good care of you.

Air Conditioner Coils Check up Waukee

Condenser coils are used to catch the dirt over the months and years that you use your air conditioner. If your filters are well maintained or replaced as needed, you can be sure that the evaporator coil is protected from getting too dirty too quickly.

In the end, you have to understand that even with any protection you try to give to your unit, the coils will still gather some dirt. This accumulation over time restricts the rate of airflow which then blocks the coil and finally will reduce its ability to cool your home.

To keep this from happening, you can simply have Dorrian Heating and Cooling check your coils every year and clean them as necessary.

Maintenance Saves you Money

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Air Conditioner Tune up in Waukee

Our skilled technician will easily find any problems and fix them for you. By keeping your unit operating at it’s maximum performance, you will save money by keeping the unit running though out it’s life span. Properly maintaining your air conditioning unit also will save you money on your electric bill.



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