Iowan winters are long and tough, but when the heat and humidity are turned way up in summer, so does the AC. The window of time between intense winter and warm weather is very slim. No one wants to suffer an AC outage during the throes of summer.


Although winter is lingering on, now is the ideal time to check your AC unit. This is especially important for models that have been around more than a few years. Being proactive is key to keeping your home comfortable and extending the life of your HVAC unit. By checking your unit and enlisting your Des Moines heating and cooling professionals, you can keep your AC running smoothly and without any costly interruptions.

Start Outside

Start out by checking to see if the air conditioner condensate drain is clogged. Look at the unit outside where the drain line is located. If there is a pool of water, then this means that there is a clogged hose. Your Des Moines heating and cooling expert can check and unclog the line, as well as make sure nothing else could be causing this unexpected water.

While you are still outside, make sure that the air conditioner does not have any external elements that may impede its function. Whether old leaves or kids toys, the area around the system should always be clear of everything. This will ensure that air is circulating around the unit properly.

Do Not Neglect

Start the season right and replace all filters. Filter replacement is the cheapest way to keep your unit running smoothly. You should be replacing filters more often if you have pets. Use hypo-allergenic filters if any of your family members have asthma or allergies.

You trust your thermostat to be accurate, but when was the last time you replaced this vital indicator? Turn on the unit. You may feel air blowing, but does the unit indicate a temperature change? If you are unsure, have your HVAC expert check this out and if necessary, install a new thermostat.


Turn on your AC. Is there a strong current of air blowing? Unpleasant sounds? These could indicate an issue with the fan or the motor. This is the right time to call for service.

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