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The demand for heating and cooling has been slowing in recent years due to less extreme summer and winter weather here in Iowa.  However, the cost of gas and electricity and it’s toll on the environment is causing more customers to look for green solutions, such as a geothermal system.

So how can Dorrian’s geothermal services help you? Geothermal basically is using the heat from below the earth to keep your home comfortable.  Traditional heating systems burn a fuel to create heat. A geothermal system gathers the heat that already exists naturally in the earth and circulates that heat back into and around your home or business.

The EPA says that geothermal systems are:

“the most energy efficient, environmentally clean and cost-effective space conditioning systems available today.”

That means that your properly installed geothermal heat pump system can quickly pay for itself in only a few years.

We install and service high-efficiency geothermal heat pump systems.  These can be an open or closed loop, horizontal, vertical or slinky, depending on your particular lot size and layout.

High-efficiency outdoor units are quiet and can save you money on utility bills.

Money saving rebates are also available from your local utility company on most high-efficiency equipment.

Dorrian Heating and Cooling installs Geothermal systems which are quickly gaining in popularity and necessity.  Radiant floor heat is another option and is frequently used in finished basements or houses that only have a crawl space available. They also work great for businesses that have offices with warehouses attached.

Since we do so many things, general contractors find it easier to coordinate new home projects when they work with us, instead of several separate subcontractors.  This reduces their workload and the number of conflicts that may arise between coordinating subs.

Radiant floor heating has also become popular in slab based homes.

We have a goal of 100% customer satisfaction so we are able to wow most of our customers.  We pride ourselves on using only high-quality products, including a full line of Rudd products, and our installations are first-class.

Dorrian Heating and Cooling is here to assess your heating and cooling needs and to give you the best recommendations saving you time and money.

Are you sick of snow and ice removal? Do you feel trapped in your own home during the long winter months in Iowa? Are you afraid that someone coming to visit your home or business may fall on the ice and snow?

Dorrian Heating and Cooling can also assist your home or business with the awful task of clearing snow and ice from your pavements and walkways using some of the same technologies protecting you all winter long.

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