cold wintersSome HVAC experts say up to 75% of no-heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. Left unserviced, a furnace can stop working suddenly, leaving your family in the cold. And everyone knows that being without heat during cold winters is a major inconvenience, to say the least. Here are just a few home heating mistakes to avoid this winter.

Blocking Registers
This is one of the most common home heat mistakes, and it can be costly. To get the most out of your furnace, you’ll need to make sure all of the vents around your home are fully cleared and unobstructed from furniture and other objects. This ensures adequate and efficient airflow and maximizes the actual warmth you feel from your system.

Ignoring Red Flags
Many report claims of a furnace not working, and upon further inspection, it’s discovered that there had been a number of warning signs the homeowner missed. That’s why it’s critical to be vigilant and ever-aware of your heating system’s efficiency and usage. Look for telltale signs that something could be off, such as strange sounds, unusual or burnt-like odors, or overall reduced efficiency. These are signs that you may need a new furnace home improvement system, so you could call a furnace repair Des Moines Iowa professional for immediate service.

General Overuse
Finally, using your system effectively is a major determining factor when it comes to the durability and lifespan of your system. If you’re running your furnace all the time, for example, it’s being overworked and doesn’t have time to cool down and take a break. This causes excessive wear and tear and can drastically shorten your system’s lifespan. Similarly, if you’re consistently setting your thermostat’s temperature higher than normal, this could cause similar effects. Always use your furnace with moderation and turn it down or completely off when you won’t be home for several hours at a time.

Ultimately, being aware of these common home heating mistakes can help you avoid the need for a repair and maximize your household comfort during cold winters. For more information about furnace repair services, contact Dorrian Heating and Cooling.