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Dorrian Heating and Cooling Des Moines, are central Iowa’s Heating and Cooling experts. We install and service residential and commercial heating and cooling systems (including geothermal and radiant floor heat/cool).

We also have expert knowledge of humidifiers, filtration, ventilation, and various air purifiers. From heating repair and maintenance, to complete HVAC equipment installations, Dorrian Heating and Cooling is the local air conditioning and heating company you can depend on.

Let us help you with your air conditioning repair and all furnace repair. We are locally located in Waukee and serve Des Moines IA as well. We are the best ac repair in Waukee and we look forward to proving it to you.

Heating and Cooling Des Moines – Experience the Dorrian Difference!

As Des Moines’ Premier Heating and Cooling Company, we offer the finest heating, cooling, and indoor air quality products with prompt and professional customer service. Regardless of the season or the temperature outside, we can make your home or business feel perfectly comfortable with our high-efficiency indoor comfort systems.

We service heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial properties throughout Des Moines and central Iowa. Our team is also involved in many city & state new construction projects as well as equipment replacements, tenant build-outs, geothermal systems.

Air Conditioning Repair in Des Moines

We pride ourselves on professional service and installation while delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Dorrian Heating and Cooling specializes in existing home, new home, business or warehouse systems to meet your needs.  We often work directly with our homeowners on custom new home construction to ensure that we meet and exceed the homeowner expectations.

Air Conditioning Services in Des Moines IA

Today most air conditioning systems are designed to last between 10 -14 years, but this can only be achieved by annual maintenance that extends the life of the system. Dorrian Heating and Cooling understands just how essential air conditioning is in Iowa’s summer heat.

  • Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
    We offer fast and reliable installation, maintenance, and repairs of all air conditioning systems. We provide a variety of options for maximizing your system’s efficiency while making sure that energy is conserved. Dorrian Heating and Cooling employees listen to every question and make an effort to provide the best solutions for your home and commercial air conditioning system.
  • Heating Installation, Maintenance, and Repair
    We are committed to making certain that each customer gets a quality heating system installation. It’s important to make sure that your furnace has the correct specifications and is sized correctly for efficiency. We specialize in expert troubleshooting & diagnosis of furnace and heating systems. Maintenance is required on a regular basis to ensure maximum efficiency of your homes heating system. Dorrian Heating and Cooling handles repairs for ANY heating systems from ANY company on ALL brands.
  • Geothermal Systems
    We install and maintain geothermal systems for all of your home comfort system needs. We work with the top manufacturers, such as Hydron Module Geothermal Systems, and we know which systems are best suited for our customers. Increasing the efficiency of your geothermal heating systems is important and can best be achieved through tune-ups to keep the system running strong. Dorrian Heating and Cooling is Iowa’s Geothermal System Experts.
  • Conserve Energy & Save your Money
    When it comes to energy savings, Dorrian Heating and Cooling helps customers conserve energy to the maximum. This will save you money in both your business and your home. We do this through an energy audit to assess where most of the energy is being lost. We also do duct sealing and cleaning. For solar units, energy conservation is most important to attain maximum benefits in savings.
  • Air Filtration / Ventilation Services and Products
    You can depend on Dorrian Heating and Cooling for all air cleaning services. We handle filtration and ventilation systems for industrial, commercial, residential or hospitality. The systems we handle include exhaust filtration, residential air filtration, dust collectors, humidifiers, and UV Lights. We can help you with any code violation corrections that your home or business may be needing.
  • Radiant / Infra-red Heating Systems
    Heating and Cooling Des Moines

    Heating and Cooling in Des Moines Iowa

    Dorrian Heating and Cooling partners with you to deliver the heating and cooling system that best fits your needs. When you stand outside on a cold day and feel warm because of the sunlight, you experienced infrared heat. Radiant heating systems provide you with all the comfort you need in your home while controlling allergens and dust. Because it is a ductless system, there is no circulation of dust, pet hair, pollens and other things in the air that could be contributing to your allergy problems.

  • Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems
    Dorrian Heating and Cooling has the capability to handle radiant floor systems and heating systems. It is an invisible highly efficient way to heat a house, providing comfort as it tackles energy costs. We handle all installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our team is knowledgeable with all aspects relating to this type of heating system for commercial and residential purposes.
  • High Efficient Boiler Systems
    Most homes and businesses are either heated with boilers or furnaces. Furnaces heat the air and then push it out through the area using ducts. Boilers heat water, providing either hot water or steam for heating.
    Dorrian Heating and Cooling has the capability to install and maintain all boiler heating systems. We handle all installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our team is knowledgeable with all aspects relating to this type of heating system and can assist you with code violation corrections or just best practices for your heating system.
  • Competitive Residential Flat-Rate Pricing
    There are no “surprises” with Dorrian Heating and Cooling. Our capable service techs will consult with you and provide you all the necessary information regarding the operation & condition of your system. After full diagnostic testing, our service techs will be able to provide you with an exact cost of the necessary repair prior to completing the work.

Why Choose Dorrian Heating and Cooling Air-Conditioning in Des Moines IA

To show our commitment to our customers, Dorrian Heating and Cooling offers warranties on all maintenance services. This also applies to all parts replaced. Dorrian Heating and Cooling also collaborates with all the major air conditioning and heating equipment manufactures. What better way than to get services from a company that understands the systems like the manufacturers?

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