As winter approaches, homeowners need to prepare their heating systems for another cold season. Nothing helps warm your home during cold winters like a properly maintained furnace, but some HVAC experts say up to 75% of no-heat calls in the winter are related to a lack of maintenance. Left unserviced, a furnace can stop working Read More »

Although heating and cooling companies make every effort to get to customers quickly when a furnace dies, you may have to wait a bit for service. This is especially true during a very busy season such as winterr, so it’s important to know how to keep your family safe and warm while waiting for your Read More »

When you think about the heating system for your Des Moines home, you may think about how reliant you are on it to keep your warm throughout the winter months, but you may also think about how high your energy bills are. The efficiency of your heating system can impact your energy costs as well Read More »

Iowan winters are long and tough, but when the heat and humidity are turned way up in summer, so does the AC. The window of time between intense winter and warm weather is very slim. No one wants to suffer an AC outage during the throes of summer.

If you are concerned about the high cost associated with heating and cooling for Des Moines area homes, you are not alone. Des Moines, IA is an area that has a four-season climate, and this means that you may rely on both your HVAC systems for several long months each year to stay comfortable while Read More »